5 Set DVD Instructional Series

Kickboxing Curriculum Level 1-5

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Anything Benny "The Jet" Urquidez offers to teach you, in person or on a disc, should be considered the "Gold Standard." He's one of the greatest martial arts warriors of all time. Long before the UFC arrived, in 1974-76 Benny , then a lightweight, was a 6-time champion of the World Series of Martial Arts, the prototype of today's MMA fighting. He beat all comers in all weight divisions, including 6-foot-2, 250-pound Dana Goodson by means of a throw and a pin! Then, starting in 1977, Benny went on to conquer professional kickboxers in Japan and Thailand at their own game and on their home turf, the first American to do so. He's the role model I want to learn from! How about you?"
John Corcoran, veteran martial arts writer, editor & author

Benny the jet was and is decades ahead of his time. Benny the jet is in a whole different level than 99.9% of all kickboxers of our time. Benny is a legend at the pit, and without a doubt the greatest kickboxer of all time.
John Hackleman

"Benny Urquidez is perhaps one of the greatest fighters in American martial arts history. Through his pioneering efforts he opened the doors to full-contact karate and paved the way into today's mixed martial arts."
Michael Matsuda, President
Martial Arts History Museum

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Sensei Benny last summer at the Supershow and what really stands out is his passion in teaching kickboxing and still focusing on the philosophy of the arts. He is truly one of the few masters who really understands kickboxing from personal experience as a world class fighter. What is exciting for the martial art industry is that you can personally learn from the Master in your own home. Sensei Benny just released his 5 DVD set on kickboxing fundamentals and it is one of the best series on the subject that I have ever seen. I personally recommend this for beginners, advanced instructors and students to take your kickboxing to a whole different level.
Cliff Lenderman

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